About The Clever Machine

Disclaimer: The Clever Machine has moved! All new material will be posted from the new site, hosted on GitHub pages. There I will continue to provide similar content. Also, because the data science, machine learning, and analytics fields are now so heavily based in open-source software like Python, I will also be cross posting a lot of the original material on this WordPress site to the new site, but translating the MATLAB implementations into Python 3.

This blog is essentially an attempt to distill some of the knowledge I’ve gained through my graduate studies in computational neuroscience. The content of the blog will be posts about analysis techniques, algorithms, theory, or things I think are cool,  exciting, or helpful. I plan for most posts to be based around a source code implementation** of whatever I’m trying to explain (which can potentially be somewhat formal).  I have found that making direct connections between theory and implementation is incredibly useful for gaining incite into technical concepts. I hope that you find the blog useful, and any comments, suggestions, or suggested topics are welcome and greatly appreciated.

**Implementations are usually in MATLAB, because of it’s straight-forward syntax and direct translation from linear algebra and mathematical notation to code. However, I’m seriously thinking of shifting to Julia, which has very similar syntax to MATLAB, but is open source and is a far more general (and powerful) programming language.




  1. Doug Caldwell

    Thank you for the very clear explanation of MCMC and associated sampling methods. You description and code examples were a great complement to the more theoretical treatments I’ve been reading.

  2. Thank you for sharing your very insightful blog posts with the internet. 🙂 As for Julia, I’d definitely recommend switching. It’s an amazing language for scientific computing.

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