Monthly Archives: July 2020

The OG Clever Machine Has Moved

Hello! The Clever Machine has moved! All new material will be posted to the new site, hosted on GitHub pages, where I will continue to provide similar content on analysis techniques, algorithms, theory, or things I think are cool.

Also, because the data science, machine learning, and analytics fields are now so heavily based in open-source software like Python, I will migrating lot of the original material from this WordPress site to the new site, but translating the MATLAB implementations into Python 3.

While in the process of migrating content to the new site, I’ll leave this site up, but once I’ve migrated all posts, The OG Clever Machine will shut down. If you like, you can still access old archives of the OG Clever Machine via the Wayback Machine.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the new blog site!